About sqlpathy.com

This blog contains the collection of articles, snippets, tips n tricks that I wanted to share with fellow database users. Blog roll was started with a firm belief that, one can only grow (or enrich) if one shares with the community.

The word “pathy” is usually linked to a therapy or system of therapy prescribed for a certain disease. “SQL Pathy”, is the therapy for sql beginners, to help them learn, course-correct and become geeks.

About the author

lokesh_vij_2I am a SQL Server enthusiast with more than 13 years of experience in designing and developing database applications. Started working with SQL Server 2000 (and got exposed to .NET programming) in those early days. Currently I am working as a Database Engineer with a product based organization. I am a passionate trainer – have been a go-to person for SQL Server training needs and imparted myriad SQL training sessions at various organizations. My love for database deepened after my interaction with Amit Bansal and the inspiration behind starting this blog was Brij Bhushan Mishra; both are Microsoft MVPs. I would love to help you, just drop me an email at  lokeshvij@outlook.com or follow me at twitter @sqlpathy


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